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In student dashboard, you can see courses you have participated. You can access course page and learning scene directly from there. You can also contact support team if you have any problems with lessons, learning platform, etc.

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After choosing and entering a course (as a free previewer or participant), you can choose course lessons from the left side and mark them as complete after you finished one. An indicator shows how many lessons you have passed so you will have a good view on your progress.


Students can upload their work in progress files or images in Assignments. Mentor of the course will check assignments and can send them feedbacks or messages using the platform. Then the mentor can approve the assignment.
In this way, students and mentors are in contact with each other directly and we will make sure about the quality of our students work.


MS3D mentors can contact students with messages, photos and short videos to help them grow up. Students of our learning platform cam send us email messages if it is necessary.

Which course is good for me?

  • €300,00

    Audi E-Tron GT | NURBS

    If you are a beginner, you can start with this NURBs modeling tutorial. This is actually our most participated course ever. You will learn many things about Alias surfacing, what is A-Class surface and how to create a full Audi E-Tron GT model in Alias. Some special tips and tricks are also included. After this course your Alias modeling skills will level up and you can save the E-Tron GT model in your portfolio as a very interesting work.
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  • €118,00

    Audi RSQ8 | SUBD

    The best ever tutorial including how to work with Alias Subdivision workflow and create cars many times faster than NURBs. These days, Sub-d modelling is very useful at automotive industries and car design studios because of its power to create a concept car in 3D in fastest way. Features of Sub-d compete with a pro polygon based software. Also changing the design of a car in 3D very fast was designer’s all time dream and now the dream has became true! Alias Subdivision is trending...!
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  • €600,00

    Alfa Romeo GTL | NURBS

    This course is actually good for designers and those who want to create concept cars from zero to pro. Many pro tips are included! It is very important to know how to read sketches and grow up a concept car with respect to reference sketches. During this Alias modelling tutorial, we will try reading the sketch lines and then create sharp surfaces. Next, we will try developing surface qualities. A concept car called Alfa Romeo GTL is what we will work on it from sketches to pro Alias model.
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  • €400,00

    Body Kits | NURBS

    Many car design lovers are looking for a course to let them know how to create Body Kits and Tuning Parts in Autodesk Alias and turn them into a product. In this course you will learn how to do that with respect to a provided scan data. After some chapters teaching you what is scan data and how to fit curves, you'll learn how to create a NURBS model with production standards by following a sample (full Kia K5 body kit). After completing a few parts you will be able to work on different body kits and parts in Alias in order to make them ready for production i.e. Fiberglass, CNC process, 3D print, etc.
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  • €100,00

    Keyshot Rendering Course

    In this course you will learn every thing a professional automotive renderer should know! Any 3D modeler should know about 3D rendering softwares and we chosed Keyshot to have it on board. Many car designers use Keyshot, one of the powerful rendering softwares to have some realistic and beautiful render shots of their projects and present their model. You will learn how to work with Keyshot step by step with full explanations.
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