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Mentor's Description

In this course you will learn every thing a professional automotive renderer should know! Any 3D modeler should know about 3D rendering softwares and we chosed Keyshot to have it on board. Many car designers use Keyshot, one of the powerful rendering softwares to present their designs. 3D rendering process is what any car designer should know about!
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Keyshot 3D Rendering Course Info

These days, automotive industry misses talented CGI renderers as only a few car designers are interested in this field. Although many car designers are interested to learn that to have some realistic and beautiful render shots of their projects to present their model. There are a few renderers work with other polygon softwares and present their design with cool motor renders like Keyshot. But what if Alias modelers learn that too?! Now we have a good news for fans! In MS3D Keyshot rendering course you will learn everything from Zero to professional and at the end of the course you can easily work on beautiful and realistic render shots which are good for presenting your 3D car modeling works or any other usage.
Spoiler Alias Modeling

Audi A3 Rendering Project

During this course, we will try rendering a tuned Audi A3 2021 car in different scenes and environments. You will learn where to find totally free HDRIs, environments and backplates. Lessons starts from very basic Keyshot interface introduction and will go deep in details and textures to have a realistic rendershot.
Audi A3 3d rendering course

About Instructor

Mohammad Sadra Babaei

Mohammad has extensive experience as a car designer and Alias modeler. After several year of working as lead car modeler, 3D modeling mentor, doing many projects for clients and being in contact with famous car designers, Mohammad knows the in's and out's of car rendering and its challenges. He is passionate about teaching and can easily describe clean rendering processes for students and show how to create a realistic render shot by using a 3D CGI rendering software.

Course Lessons

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