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Mentor's Description

Presenting a 3D car design is very important. In this course we help you start learning one of the best render engines in automotive industry. We will go through everything that's necessary for making automotive renders using 3DS Max and Corona Render from importing the car to the finished image.
Corona is easy to use, affordable for students and powerful in 3d car rendering. I'm sure you will be surprised if you know what you are about to achieve as a final rendershot of a car model!

Why should you use Corona ?

These days, automotive industry misses talented CGI renderers as only a few car designers are interested in this field. Although many car designers are interested to learn that to have some realistic and beautiful render shots of their projects to present their works. Any CGI artist admits that lighting and materials are very important in 3d rendering, even if you don't have a good and detailed model. Learning professional rendering will help you to hide 3d modeling mistakes in some tricky ways.
3d rendering using corona

About Instructor

Sebastian Ladan

Sebastian is one of the most passionate cgi artists who has a very brilliant experience and skills in automotive rendering using Corona render engine. It's been a long time that he is working as a free lancer on automotive rendering projects. His final renders amazes any cgi artist!

Course Lessons

    1. Audi E-Tron GT 3D Model

    2. Materials and HDRIs

    1. Chapter 1

    1. Chapter 2

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  • €350,00
  • 25 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

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