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Course Description

Car digital rendering is one of the important fields in automotive design. A great designer need to know how to present his ideas with help of digital rendering. The brilliant process of converting rough 2D ideas to 2D digital designs.

In this course you will learn everything a car designer need to know about photoshop digital rendering with help of our talented mentor, Irfendy Mohammad. Course videos have no explanations and you have to just follow what mentor does step by step.

For more information please kindly check the Free Preview.

Course Lessons

    1. Needed Files for Start

    1. Files for Front View

    2. Chapter 1

    1. Files for Rear View

    2. Chapter 2

    1. Files for Side View

    2. Chapter 3

    1. Upload Your Final Work (Audi RSQ8 Front/Back/Side View)

About this course

  • €25,00
  • 12 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Here's why you'll succeed

  • Lifetime Access & Support

    Stuck or have a question? You get lifetime support and your model will be reviewed by our team of expert car designers. Our team will help you to grow up.

  • No Need For Explanations

    Video tutorials have no explanations and if you follow them step by step, you can achieve the final work of the course which you can see in free preview.

  • Experienced Instructors

    Most chapters include step-by-step instructions by highly talented instructors with extensive knowledge about car design with a brilliant background.

  • More Than 600 Students

    We have had many students who followed our courses from Zero and after learning moved to design studios or automotive industries to work on real projects.

  • Jobs And Projects

    We have various connections with brands and design studios. some of them have official contracts with us to hire our top students or offer projects and pay them.

  • Valuable Contents

    Our courses have valuable contents and good prices in order to let anyone from any part of the world learn car design easily. We try out best to make car design pop!

About Instructor

Irfendy Mohamad

Mercedes Benz’s design studio and then Toyota has made him a unique designer in Japan. His special skills led him to be hired as a Design Assistant Manager at Nissan. Irfendy worked closely with the MS3D brand to develop the Audi training course. We are proud to use his experience in photoshop digital rendering.


  • What are needed backgrounds?

    We start teaching everything to students from actually zero. You can find Photoshop installation file and any references you may need during the course on initial course lessons.

  • How long do I get access to my courses?

    You will access the contents immediately after you purchased a course. You’ll have lifetime access to the course and all its contents, so you can watch them whenever you like. Most of the videos we provide are downloadable so you may download them and watch later.

  • Do you provide support and mentoring during courses?

    Full assistance is available on our courses by email. Although we have provided full explained and very clear tutorials for students but we are ready to help you anytime to give some feedbacks on your progress. Your models will reviewed by our expert Autodesk Alias modelers. Many students tried this way before and solved their problems with email, screenshot or even short video feedbacks. Also we have some plans to add all the students to one private group so they all can have contact with each other for any help, special tricks, etc.

  • Can I register for a course if I am working full time?

    Yes, of course! All of our courses are pre-recorded. You can work on your own pace and will support your step-by-step to makes sure you make most benefit out of your investment. Most of our course contents are downloadable so even if you didn't have access to internet, you can still watch the contents.

  • Can I find a job after following courses?

    You will definitely level up your skills after completing this course! This will help you to do high quality projects for companies. Apart from that, we will also refer your to our networks and partners seeking for highly skill modelers. We have various connections with brands and design studios. some of them have official contracts with us to hire our top students or offer projects and pay them.

  • What is the language of the courses?

    The Language of the recorded videos is English. It is a very easy listening speaking with very responsive reactions along the video. For some students, is is very important to completely understand what the mentor is saying. So we respectfully inform you that the speaking is very understandable in all of the videos so even students who are not very proficient in English can use these videos. Many students with a low level of English knowledge were certified (from other courses) with satisfaction.

  • Do you provide Certificate?

    Yes! Upon successful completion of the course, you will get a certification automatically from MS3D Academy.

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