Course Description

In this course you will learn how to model Audi RS3 in Autodesk Alias. The project will be done in NURBS and some of the Audi RS3 parts are included. Students have to follow the video tutorials step by step to create a full Audi Audi RS3 Sedan model from zero.

Here's why you'll succeed

  • Old but Gold

    This course was published in 2018 and it's our oldest course. But as many students started Alias with this course and satisfied, we added that here again.

  • Full Explanations

    Tutorial videos include explanations by the mentor and describe what is he doing and why. You will definitely understand the way of creating curves and surfaces.

  • Good Start

    This course is very good for fans to learn more about Autodesk Alias car modeling. Audi RS3 is a good sample to start your career.

About Instructor

Mohammad Sadra Babaei

Mohammad has extensive experience as a car modeler. After several year of working as lead car modeler and doing many projects for clients, Mohammad knows the in's and out's of car modeling and its challenges. He is passionate about teaching, simplifies complicated concepts for students and show how to build a model from scratch step by step.

More about Audi RS3 Modeling

We start from blueprints and then move to curves, surfaces with Autodesk Alias. Each chapter is working on some parts of the car like hood, diffuser, bumper, mirror, etc. In our new learning platform, you can check the topics of each chapter easily and access them for unlimited time. (We should mention that a little basic knowledge of Autodesk Alias is required like working with interface, camera, etc. We have also shared the Basic Alias Tutorials in our platform for FREE!)
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Course Reviews

5 star rating


Himanshu Rohit

Quite Spectacular & Extraordinary...

Quite Spectacular & Extraordinary...

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5 star rating

5 Rated

Simão Chaves

Its good to have these detailed tutorials to be able to evolve

Its good to have these detailed tutorials to be able to evolve

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5 star rating

Excellent course!

Andrés Morelli

Very well explained, finally! Thanks!

Very well explained, finally! Thanks!

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5 star rating


Amritjot Singh

a good course!

a good course!

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Course Curriculum

    1. Start from here!

    2. Download Autodesk Alias

    3. Learn how to work with Alias Interface

    1. Preference sets

    2. Blueprints And Reference Photos

    1. Chapter 1

    2. Chapter 1 wire file

    1. Chapter 2

    2. Chapter 2 wire file

    1. Chapter 3

    2. Chapter 3 wire file

    3. Review The Course

    1. Chapter 4

    2. Chapter 4 wire file

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