Course Description

In this course you will learn how to model Audi A3 in Autodesk Alias. The project will be done in NURBS and a good enough details are included. This course is for students who have already joined our paid course and have enough knowledge of Alias tools and how to work with surfaces although others can also try this after they learned Basics. Tutorial videos don't have any explanations. Students have to follow the videos step by step to create a full Audi A3 Sedan 2021 model from zero.

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    We had more than 2000 course enrollments and dominating the biggest Alias modeling community. Many of MS3D Academy students have joined Automotive industry.

  • A-Z: Deep Dive

    All courses include full modeling projects from zero to a complete and professional model without any time lapses or cut scenes.

  • Experienced Instructors

    Most chapters include step-by-step instructions by highly talented instructors with extensive knowledge about Alias modeling.

About Instructor

Mohammad Sadra Babaei

Mohammad has extensive experience as a car modeler. After several year of working as lead car modeler and doing many projects for clients, Mohammad knows the in's and out's of car modeling and its challenges. He is passionate about teaching, simplifies complicated concepts for students and show how to build a model from scratch step by step.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • What will you create during this tutorial? 1

    • What will you create during this tutorial? 2

    • What will you create during this tutorial? 3

    • Download Autodesk Alias

    • Basic Tutorials

  • 2

    Get everything ready

    • Preference sets

    • Blueprints

    • Audi A3 Final File

    • Audi A3 Wireframe File

  • 3

    Blueprints & Basic Top Surfaces

    • Chapter 1

    • Chapter 1 wire file

  • 4

    Shoulder & Wheel Arches

    • Chapter 2

    • Chapter 2 wire file

  • 5

    Basic Front Surfaces

    • Chapter 3

    • Chapter 3 wire file

  • 6

    Front Surfaces

    • Chapter 4

    • Chapter 4 wire file

  • 7

    Basic Rear Surfaces

    • Chapter 5

    • Chapter 5 wire file

  • 8

    Rear Surfaces

    • Chapter 6

    • Chapter 6 wire file

  • 9


    • Chapter 7

    • Chapter 7 wire file

  • 10


    • Chapter 8

    • Chapter 8 wire file

  • 11

    Green House

    • Chapter 9

    • Chapter 9 wire file

  • 12

    Side Surfaces

    • Chapter 10

  • 13

    Rear Details 1

    • Chapter 11

    • Upload your wip model

  • 14

    Rear Details 2

    • Chapter 12

  • 15

    Rear Light

    • Chapter 13

  • 16

    Rear Light Details

    • Chapter 14

  • 17


    • Chapter 15

  • 18

    Front Light With Details

    • Chapter 16

  • 19

    Front Details 1

    • Chapter 17

  • 20

    Front Details 2

    • Chapter 18

  • 21

    Side Details 1

    • Chapter 19

  • 22

    Side Details 2

    • Chapter 20

  • 23

    Various Details 1

    • Chapter 21

  • 24

    Various Details 2

    • Chapter 22

  • 25

    The End!

    • Model Development

    • Upload Your Model

    • Review The Course


  • What is Autodesk Alias?

    Autodesk Alias is the most professional software being used at automotive industries and design studios for car design. The power of analyzing surfaces, high quality surfaces, nice flows and pro connections and other features have turned Alias into a very useful and professional software. Alias supports all formats of 3D files as inputs and export many useful formats which made Alias a compatible software. Alias focuses on automotive design as Autodesk introduce and promote it as the only professional 3D surface designer.

  • How can I download and install Alias?

    You can download Autodesk Alias from website. Autodesk Alias Auto Studio from version 2020 to 2023 are what you have to download and install. Autodesk offers a FREE 30 days trial version to students and 1 year learning license. You can register at Autodesk website and download it.

  • How long do I get access to my courses?

    You will access the contents immediately after you purchased a course. You’ll have lifetime access to the course and all its contents, so you can watch them whenever you like. Most of the videos we provide are downloadable so you may download them and watch later.

  • Can I register for a course if I am working full time?

    Yes, of course! All of our courses are pre-recorded. You can work on your own pace and will support your step-by-step to makes sure you make most benefit out of your investment. Most of our course contents are downloadable so even if you didn't have access to internet, you can still watch the contents.

  • Can I find a job after following courses?

    You will definitely level up your skills after completing our courses! They will help you to learn how to do high quality projects for clients. We have various connections with brands and design studios. some of them have official contracts with us to hire our top students or offer projects and pay them.

  • How long does it take to learn?

    It depends on how much time do you have for training. You can start with 1 hour per day to 5 hours per day. Everything depends on your speed of progress! last MS3D students spent 2 weeks to 6 weeks to dominate the contents in average. If you have enough passion, you will be fast in learning Alias! Just keep confident, trust our proficiency and start learning Alias strong.

  • Do you provide Certificate?

    Yes! Upon successful completion of the course, you will get a certification automatically from MS3D Academy.

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